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he Saudi Consulate in Istanb▓ul on Oct. 2.

House was going to release a s▓ubstantive new policy

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position towards China. Instead, what we heard were old, baseless ▓claims that had already been hyped up by the American side. China's govern

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ment swiftly refuted the many a▓ccusations made in the speech. "The speech made ▓unwarranted accusations against China's domesti▓c and foreign

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policies, and slandered China by claiming that it meddles in the internal affairs and▓ elections of the United States," said China's Foreign

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Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying▓. "This is nothing but hearsay… it is▓ creating some

Saudi officials as "baseless.

thing out of thin air."Despite the claims by the American Vice President – and by President Trump himself at the United Nations Security Council last week – that China is in some way interfer▓ing in the upcoming mid-term elections, the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstj

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to exchan▓ge views on their bilateral ties, along with internat▓ional and regional issues of mutual concern. This helps to explain the timing of the speech, as i

t follows a well-worn tactic used by the American administration. Just before a visit to China by a▓ senior American government official, figures close to▓ the Whit

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    e House come out all guns blazing in an attempt ▓to seek a position of strength ahead of any negotiations, and to build political capital back home for the ongoing trade disputes.The Vice President's speech ▓was clearly calculated to make the most of the opportunity to restock his administration's reserves of polit

  • help mend China-U. S. ties10-

    ical capital ahead of the mid-term electio▓ns. It's old news that the White House periodically rous▓es its voter base by attacking China in an effort to▓ shore up their electoral support. And the administration clearly wants to turn the public's attention away from the domestic investigation into potent▓ial ties betw

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